Cathleen Santoso

A New Chapter in the USA

Silverado Showdown @ Napa, CA

Three days later and you could say it was another successful tournament. It all began after landing in California, USA just before midnight on Saturday from the QSC the previous week in Malaysia. I really tried to keep my eyes wide open like an owl through the plane ride from Hong-Kong to San Francisco. This allowed me to come back to the ducks’ local Silverado condos weary and ready to snooze beside Cali in the high-raised king sized bed. I must say I could get used to these ginormous beds, fluffy pillows, crisp linen, and thin but warm dooners. Oh and while I’m at it the daily make-your-bed and fresh towel service. I’ve been in my own dorm room for 3 days in the past 25, so you can see where I am coming from right?

Anyways I enjoyed somewhat of a sleep and woke up to see some more friendly familiar faces in my bed 😉 I unquestionably missed my teammates and it was the best feeling to be reunited with them (dw my Aussie mates, when I get back home it’ll be a whole other level of reunification emotions ❤ – June 16th: about 60 days and I’m counting down woop woop)! It was a chillax mornin’ and we tried to do some homework on the deck, which eventually turned to a lazed moment before having to leave for our practice round at Silverado GC. Luckily carts were provided for the day as I made my way around trying to take in as much knowledge about the course as possible. This was followed by a Mexican dinner buffet (oh yes another buffet) at the club, which included a “make your own mini burritos/tacos”. And for dessert… CHURROS – yes the word just says it all. That crunchy but soft long type of donut deep fried and dipped in sugar and cinnamon, AMEN!




A soothing 9-6, 9 hour sleep got my body clock back on track and I was ready to power out 36 holes all by myself (really, not to sound bratty – but I was spoilt with a caddy last week.. pushing my own buggy felt like a new mission to accomplish). But I survived and I think I dedicate it to the turkey and avocado sub that I had on the turn. As people would hear it from me: “it was sooooooooooo goooooooooood” – just accentuate the o’s and you got the Cathleen phrase down pat. Ok back to the sub – it had perfectly cut turkey slices accompanied by this amazing guacamole (had the right amount of salt, pepper and lemon for my liking) on a soft and chewy bread bun. It was not your ordinary sandwich that’s for sure. Finished the day with a -2 in the morning and a +6 in the afternoon – physically I actually felt fine but I could feel myself mentally drained coming in on the backside. Well a long day on the course was followed by with gourmet soft tacos for dinner from a stand within a local market in Napa. Later on, we celebrated Walker’s second birthday (Coach’s son) with CAKE – yes another delicious dessert of vanilla sponge cake with a strawberry, banana and pineapple compote filling topped with cream.. *drool*


HAHA I JUST HAD TO!! Reppin’ our new jackets for the week 😉 #NIKE #seriousness #models4lyf


Ready for the 36


Fresh crab and casa chicken tacos




Cars @ #2

The last day came by fast and I woke up undesirably yet unsurprisingly to an early alarm feeling so tired and exhausted. I tried the famous boosting breakfast juice but that didn’t quite do me well enough. Following the usual warm up routine, the team got a “VAMOS” break and that I must mention for sure got me pumped for the day – ah the power of team synergy. I just had to persevere through one more round of golf before I knew I could try this famous local “burgerdog” dish that some people had hyped about. Starting with a birdie and 14 pars before claiming another 2 birdies and closing with a bogey, par, I managed to shoot another -2 70 at the Silverado GC. This course had a layout which I believe rewarded well-thought out shots both off the tee and into the green. The team managed to finish at T5 and full results/information can be found on the website. After a solid half-hour wait, our freshly BBQ’d burgerdogs were specially made for us. They are essentially beef paddies with melted cheddar cheese shaped to fit a hotdog bun and can be topped off with mustard, ketchup, onion, pickles and sweet relish. I demolished the lot and boy did Marcella and I want seconds (luckily it was tabbed *tsk tsk).

IMG_0585 IMG_0584

Met quite the taste buds them burgerdogs!

Co-hosted with Colorado, the Coaches did a great job in running a fantastic week, which hopefully turns into an annual meet.


He puts a smile on my face every time 😀 aw baby W! 



It was time to FINALLY make my way back to Eugene, on another plane ride.. I mean not that over 40 hours on the plane in the past 2 weeks haven’t been enough, what’s another 1 hour flight going to do hey? It is a relaxing feeling to be back in town, especially when I am currently tucked in my just-washed bed sheets after doing a couple loads of laundry (the best to have already unpacked everythinnng after living out of a suitcase for a long time). However all those relaxation thoughts have just been blown by the alarming reminder of school work, more school work, study, print the notes, continue to study and EXAMS before heading into our post-season. Our next tournament, the Pac 12s Championship, is held in Corvallis the following Thursday-Sunday week.

Time to dig into the books, work on the game, get some workouts in and SLEEEEEEEEEEEPP. 

On that note, I am Outtahere, PEACE!




Back by Demand

Guess who’s back, back again?

Cathleen’s back, tell a friend..

Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back..

Guess who’s back.. oh yehhh

*sing that while jammin’ to Eminem’s “Without Me” and you’ll understand*

But on a more serious note, I thought I’d jump back onto the blogging wagon after some people expressed their desolation because they couldn’t keep track with what I was eating. So in response I thought I would continue on to share my journey and no better week to begin journaling again – post Queen Sirikit Cup (QSC) week!

Before I account for the past jam-packed days, here’s a quick summary of what has been going on with me as a duck at the Uni. of Oregon 🙂

Firstly: #skooooducks #vamospatos #ilovebeingaduck #ducks4lyf

Oh my have I learnt the power of hash-tagging? I dedicate my advancement in hashtag skills through the use of “twitter”. Ummm SHOUT OUT to @cathleensantoso – I know you want to press that blue button, do it! If you don’t know what I mean, get onto twitter (Coach Waugh 😉 its just how we all keep updated these days). The perks of social media – it really is useful. #winner #convenient

It really is hard to wrap my head around the fact that 1: I have been in the states since last July (reaching 10 months) and 2: I only have 63 days before I officially finish my ‘Freshman Year’ and finally return back to my true home, Sydney! Time really does fly when you’re having fun and I can truly dedicate those memorable times to my teammates – the best of them all! Each and every member bring their own personal quirk that I absolutely enjoy always being around. I have developed vast friendships with many new people and that facebook friend count is only going to keep growing… The golf team has competed in a total of 10 tournaments so far with 4 more to go for the year – the Silverado Tournament, Pac 12’s, Regionals and you know it NATIONALS #bringiton. It also means 7 more schooling weeks where I will try and persist through the juggles of ‘studying’ and doing what I love the most, ‘golfing’.  We’ve had some great success stories on the road and I think the highlight so far would be claiming both the team and individual trophy together at the Juli Inkster Spartan Invitational held at Almaden Golf and Country Club. Read about it and follow us along on the Oregon Women’s Golf blog or @OregonWGolf on twitter for ongoing updates.

College golf would have to be one of the best decisions I have made in my life and I recommend it to anyone at home who is interested in coming over here, whether it’s for golf or even another sport. Feel free to message me any questions!


The A-Team 😉


That O Hike


Claimed that W



Alright back to my QSC venture – it was with great honour to represent Australia at this prestigious event held at the famous Saujana Golf and Country Club in Kuala Lumpur. It is a surreal feeling to be playing for your country and it was a blast to do so alongside team mates Hannah Green and Shelly Shin. Of course S/O to our team Captain Matt Cutler and Coach Shani Waugh for the week.



The beautiful Saujana..

The QSC is a golf tournament that has been ongoing for now 36 years, which sees three amateurs from 13 countries within the Asia-Pacific region battle it out for the trophy. Each day 2 out of the 3 scores count towards the team total and this year Australia managed to finish 4th on the leader-board. Full information and results can be found at


Pre “go low” selfie 😉


Yo “bunch ‘o spunks”

The golf course was in fantastic shape and provided a challenge for every player in the field. I really enjoyed the presentation of the course layout with a range of strategic shots needed to be played from tee to green. The weather served traditionally with temperatures between 30-35 degrees celsius (85-95 fahrenheit for my ‘merican mates) and truly a ninety-nine percent humidity! I honestly felt like I was playing golf in a hot yoga room because my body just perspired excessively from the minute when I walked out of my hotel room. It was a liberating feeling to walk into a room with a/c! That’s Malaysia for you, or Asia in general #sweat.

FOOD! I was unquestionably eager to the have authentic Asian cuisine and at hella cheap prices might I add (or for free hehe**). Opening ceremony was conducted at the golf club and afterwards a buffet of traditional Malaysian food was offered. Ah yes I dug straight in – chicken satay accompanied by rice cakes and peanut sauce, gado-gado, roti jilo, curries, and rice. Oh and I have to mention the Ice Kachang – that pink iced drink/dessert just quenched my thirst.

Morning breakfast was provided at the Saujana Resort and surprise surprise it was another buffet – I mean I aint complaining that’s for sure! A similar menu for me everyday originated with mouthwatering fruits, in particularly papaya and watermelon, and then came the freshly made scrambled eggs with veggies and potatoes (uh take me back already). Of course I had to make a PB&J for the golf course. At that moment Shani, Matt, Greeny and Shelly all knew some part of me has converted to the American side ;). Daily lunch was a .. BUFFET at the golf club that always had rice with three other mains (eg. chicken curry, steamed fish in caper sauce, beef rendang etc) and we can’t forget the most important – the vegetables! The meat was constantly tender and marinated in diverse sauces and curries. The team undeniably went up for seconds a few times, including myself *busted*.

All in all the Saujana Golf Club and Resort put up some superb dishes that everyone devoured in and undoubtedly lived up to my expectations (some say that is a particular mark to meet..).



What’s new, Cathleen eating…


The Pacific gals didn’t get enough food..

Ok, its almost fair to say that the longstanding tradition of performances on the last night by each country is equally just important as the golf, so this year Australia fulfilled the task and worked hard to claim the runner up position behind New Zealand. We acted out along to Justine Clarke’s “Gum Tree Family” song, which comprised of the four animals: kookaburra (Shani), koala (myself), platypus (Shelly) and a kangaroo (Hannah). I will have to get a hold of some videos and post it up next time.

But until then, I shall leave you all to ponder about how that performance panned out (just imagine Matt as the gum tree with everyone else portraying the animals around him, it was just a laughable moment)… Time to rest up on this 14 hour flight back to the mainland USA. Be sure to follow the ducks at our next tournament starting in a few days ( for live results)!

IMG_0530 IMG_0524


Sorry for the lack of “food” photos – I shall keep in mind to take quality pics for the blog (Dad so my iPhone 4 is almost disfunctional.. and you work within the telecommunications business.. think you can hook me up with a new smart phone that has a good camera pixcels? Lots of love to the dearest parentals <3)

S/O to Renai Mattu for tipping me over the edge to start the blog up again!

Be sure to follow the ducks at our next tournament starting in a few days ( for live results)!

Peace out for now.. #backintown #NAPA #goloworgohome

It Feels Like Home Already

Another two weeks have FLOWN right by here in Eugene, Oregon and every day that I spend only confirms my decision of choosing this school. I am so lucky to an amazing bunch of team mates who have been taking care of me, chaperoning me to the golf course and helping me get around town.

I have been practicing the majority of my time at Shadow Hills – with great facilities and a fantastic course, who wouldn’t want to be there? I finally played a full 18 holes today at Shadow and it was a fun round. I feel as if my game is in tac and I just have to keep on fine tuning  it until the season starts this September. The past few months I have learnt that playing holes as practice is so beneficial as it allows me to see what I need to work on off the golf course.

IMG_8131 IMG_8130

I love Shadow Hills GC!

The weather here in Eugene has been absolutely bliss with cool mornings and an average temperature of 29 degrees during the day! With the sun shining bright outside, I have been participating in different activities such as playing tennis (second to golf of a sport!) and going on a team hike. I’ve made a trip up to Portland a couple times to caddy for one of my team mates in the Safeway Classic qualifier and visit my friend’s mansion – what a house Morgan 😉 I have done a few power workouts outdoors and walked across the river – again such a beautiful and clean environment to be in!


That a BIG O 🙂


Having a good time 🙂


Perfect backyard, perfect house with a perfect shot of the moon!

IMG_8114 IMG_8143

Hard work with easy views!

Lastly I saved all the food talk and pictures for the end. My passion for food is quite high.. I love cooking and eating (ah-oh) but it’s been great fun trying different recipes and foods in Eugene. I have been on the smoothie train lately and love a good cup of vitamins to start off the day. Here are all the different indulgences:


The Famous MUCHO GUSTO meal mmm team Mexicano!


All these FRESH fruit for $10? (Its like 5 blueberry and 4 strawberry punnets from Woolies!) –  Why bother with frozen fruit honestly..


These sweet potato chips with roasted onion and broccoli were the BOMB


Fresh tofu scramble salad with drizzled lemon on top mm


Quinoa, broccoli, mushroom, onion, capsicum, spinach and tofu (duh) scramble topped with a fried egg (that yolk, omg, eggporn)


Frozen blueberries strawberries & banana, spinach, kale, almond milk, dollop of greek yogurt all blended topped with fibrous whole ground flaxseed and unsweetened coconut.. WOW 


Sushi followed my froyo? YES PLEASE! That whole tub of froyo only cost me $3.92 (as opposed to like $8 back at home!) and there was TARO + COCONUT FLAVOURS 🙂


Solid chicken wrap with salad – love golf club meals!

IMG_8127 IMG_8128

A successful cooking night with the gals – Caroline learnt how to peel a potato 😉 We made one tofu and one chicken vegetable stir-fry (oyster sauce, fish sauce, seasoning sauce, salt & pepper EASY PEASY!) with yam chips on the side!


Easy temptations..

 IMG_8136 IMG_8138

Another Japanese night! The Salmon was grilled to perfection – a bit pink and soft on the inside!


MY SUPER POWER BALLS, such a good snack! I just blended medjool dates (about 15) and mixed it with blended almonds (1 cup), pepitas seeds, flax seed meal, unsweetened coconut and some cocoa powder. Roll them into little balls and refrigerate!


Failed attempted black bean brownies – needs the acquired taste!

IMG_8145  IMG_8167

Same old same old – lentil/quinoa salad with a honey mustard tofu scramble and veggies! Next is roasted chicken + KALE CHIPS (BEST THING EVER AND SO EASY TO MAKE – just spray some oil, add salt/pepper/garlic salt and toss it in the oven!)


Awesome homemade frozen treat -banana, almond milk, greek yogurt, PB2 and stevia mixed together and frozen topped with a trail mix and power ball.


Something different to a smoothie for once – steel cut oatmeal with PAPAYA YAY


A life snack – I love baby carrots now! With tofu dip or hummus!


CHIPOTLE never fails me! Brown rice, chicken, peppers & onion, corn, tomato salsa, hot sauce and guacamole jhdksfjlg!


Solid Meal YES


Much needed local fisherman’s salmon burger with the world’s best fries I’ve had! Look at them crinkles.. fresh potato!


Tonight’s scrumptious dinner – KOREAN inspired – brown rice with grass fed beef, broccoli, lime cabbage, pickled cucumber topped with sesame seeds – Laughing Planet – great cafe in Eugene!

Well those are only a few of my food pictures.. only more to come! Tomorrow I leave for Anchorage and I finally get to see my parents – YAY 😀 I’m very very excited to meet up with them and enjoy the next couple of weeks with their company. Sorry for the lack of posts but my next one will be after my venture on the cruise along the glaciers to reach at Vancouver, BC!

Until then enjoy every moment you live!

First Week at Eugene, Oregon.

Hello green trees and trafficless roads.. that is what the beautiful town of Eugene, Oregon welcomes one with. The past week has been very chill and relaxing for my mind + body. The first day saw me visit the local mall and treat the credit card with a few swipes! I walked out with a few shopping bags and some new fine yellow nails (a muchly needed medi and pedi)!

IMG_7969 IMG_7970

A woman needs to take care of herself right?

I am enjoying my stay here in Raffi’s house! Having my own room and a kitchen to cook in is absolutely amazing. Home cooked meals with a cupboard full of minor but necessary ingredients (like herbs or soy sauce) gives my dishes that extra spice. I’ve cooked a range of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner – lots of smoothies and tofu 🙂 We’re trying to stay on track with healthy meals but definitely have indulged in a few sweet treats e.g. FROYO!


Soy & ginger marinated fish with sweet potato, corn & broccoli 


Stove top steel cut oatmeal with almond milk & stevia topped with a dollop of fage yogurt, berries & chia seeds..


Tofu & egg scramble, garbanzo bean & carrot salad, oven roasted onion, zucchini & brocoli mm


GOODMORNING SMOOTHIE :O – PB2, berries, frozen banana, almond milk & yogurt


Famous Sweet Life Patisserie – snickeroos cookie & chocolate pb gelatooo


Lebanese brown rice & chicken, tofu stir-fry and a side of cos lettuce!


YOGURT EXTREME (down the road from campus hehe) – to many goodies in that bowl..

On the golf side I have been practicing at two main golf facilities the team uses – Emerald Valley GC and Shadow Hills GC. They both have great ranges, chipping and putting greens that I can work my game on with. I played 9 holes at Shadow Hills and the course looked immaculate for the Summer! I have been working on a few swing feels and incorporating advice from sports psych, Neale Smith, into my long game practice. The short game is a working progress and for the next month I intend to broaden my chipping range and sink those 15-30 foot birdie putts!


Par 3 @ Shadow Hills Golf Course

I’ve been trying to keep active here going on a couple runs and making visits to the recreational centre on campus. It feels good to break a sweat and definitely releases a heap of endorphins yay 🙂 I also went to the Dexter Lake to lay by the water in the sun, it was a perfect 30 degree Summer day!!


A perfect day for a run!


Absolute BLISS

I have visited the campus a few times and today I finally got my student ID card – it’s official, studying at the University of Oregon 😀


It has been a great start to my time here at Oregon and there are many more memories to come. Over a week to go before the team takes a road trip to Idaho for a fun weekend away and a few more weeks before I meet my parents at Alaska for a cruise along the glaciers to Vancouver!

I shall make another post in a week’s time or so.

“Enjoy life and relax whenever you get the chance!”

National Camp @ Houston, TX

The past couple of days have been full on with a busy schedule from morning till night at Golf Australia’s National Camp held at the Woodlands Golf Club in Houston. Day one began at 7am with a warm up session using the essential spikey balls and Ramsey belts. Chris Smith (s/c coach) took us through a range of belt exercises to activate the glutes and traps – boy it was good. My coach from Oregon – Coach Ria – came along to see how we Aussies are assisted with our great network of service providers. She joined in on the warm up and I guess you could say it was something different! We all then had breakfast at the resort before heading to the golf course for practice. Sports Psychologist, Neale Smith, came out to talk to everyone about a range of topics to further improve our mindset for golf during both practice and competition mode. I learnt a lot from Neale and I look forward to taking the advice on board. I personally took the point of “living in the now, the present” – something I always try to live by but having another friendly reminder was good to hear. Following Neal’s talk, I endured through a tough session with Chris at the gym and luckily had a physio treatment with Matt Green (he got his elbow right into my right trap and knots)! Finally to finish off the day I dipped into the ice bath for 4 minutes (it felt more then that for sure) to recover the body after a long day of training. It was a wrap and a few girls and I made our way to Chipolte (they say it’s like a Mexican Subway) – absolutely devoured my meal.


Coach Ria 🙂


Ahhh its freeezinnnng, time go by quicker!!!!


Working with Neale


A salad bowl topped with brown lime rice, chicken, tomato salsa, hot sauce and guacamole. 

I woke up on Day 2 feeling sore (especially in my glutes) which called for a big stretching warm up session to start the day. I then got hooked onto the 3D Biomechanics machinery where Ryan Lumsden helped me out by analysing and explaining to me the results in relation to what I am working on in my swing. It was great to hear what he had to say and I recorded the notes down to work on in the next month. Next stop was the gym for another session with Chris before seeing Greeny again. I am so glad I pushed myself physically and to then be treated afterwards was a good relief!


All geared up ready to be analysed 3-Dimentionally 

Lunch came by and former LPGA player, Susie Redman, joined the girls for lunch to give an insight on her time on the tour. Being able to hear her story (the good and challenging times) was very inspiring and something for all to learn from. After lunch I jumped onto trackman and did some wedge testing. I began hitting shots to the marked distances, ball after ball, before Gareth told me to maybe work on what Neale had advised on the day before – to practice how you would do it on the course (pre shot routine etc). And guess what? The results were instantaneously better! Even though it took more effort and time to do so for each and every shot, it was worth it. Quality over quantity. Finishing work on trackman I went on to work on the chipping to then have the heat power through to me – so I headed for shade and a gulp of cold iced water.  Enduring through the Texas heat was a great test for the mind and body so I made sure I kept hydrated. After a good rest I went out and hit a few more golf balls to work on my technique. By the end of the day I was exhausted and the ice bath was needed – it wasn’t to bad the second time. The girls and I then went to dinner at the famous Cheesecake Factory (don’t worry there was an actual dinner menu – it was very long!). Afterwards I indulged in a frozen yogurt cup from Pinkberry YAY – finally had froyo – nomnomnomnom!


So many cheesecake flavours!


Moroccan chicken over a bed of cous cous with asparagus and onion with a hot sauce on the side. 


Original and Pomegranate  with mochi, coconut, almonds and strawberries.

It was an intense two days at Houston and it was great to check-in with all the coaches. I learnt many new lessons and can’t wait to practice over the next month before college tournaments begin. I just flew into my new hometown Eugene and am staying in one of my teammate’s house. I’ve pretty much met everyone on my team and I love my duck family 🙂 AHH college life is just around the corner!

Live life to the fullest (Y)

Goodbye Montreal – For Now!

I played the third round in great weather conditions with the beautiful sun out and a slight breeze. I finally didn’t put my first shot on the first hole in the hazard and gave myself the opportunity to make a good birdie at the start. An unfortunate start of a bogey and double to the back nine had me finish with a 74 (+3) for the day. I made good 2-5 foot putts for pars however the 2 three putts again hindered the round. I was definitely keen to get inside the clubhouse and find out what lunch was: classic hamburgers followed by some nice cookies and chocolate mousse cake.

I got back home to Phil’s new car – dayumm it looked fine and the sound system was pumping. We rode smoothly into town for dinner at an Italian restaurant – gamberi (shrimp) linguine pasta was a delightful meal. The family craved ice cream so luckily the famous dessert destination was around the corner and this time I ordered hazelnut + magic chocolate (banana, pecan and brownie pieces) scoop on a cone.


Oh hells yehhhh


Mm yes very good


Hahaha – classic times


To excited to eat it!

Yesterday’s final round wasn’t the most pleasing finish but nevertheless it was another good learning experience this week and I have learnt many new lessons to improve on. I started off the round with 11 great pars until a very silly three putt bogey on the 12th turned the corner. I tried to recover but another bogey came along and I felt as if the flame within me had exhausted out. I am trying to work on that mentally and hopefully at my next tournament (probably will be in a month or so when college starts) I can be prepared for whatever decides to challenge me. Any adversity is what will make me stronger! The end result put me at T31st for the tournament and more results can be found at: I would also like to give a shout out to my caddy on the bag this week – Sylvain Roy! He is an amazing man and helped me a lot with his knowledge and experience about the course. Thankyou again!


Sylvain the MAN!

One spare night in Quebec with no golf the next day? Oh yes that means having a good time with your gals at downtown Montreal – rumours hear the nightlife is spectacular and of course they were correct! We all made our way in town to have dinner at a local Italian restaurant (yet again – lots of Italian in my belly) on the popular Crescent street before heading into the club to bust some dance moves! Jet Club was unbelievable with beats dropping madly so the bopping heads of the crowd would follow. I had a great time with the girls and we all really enjoyed the night.


Downtown Montreal

Today was meant to be departure to Houston but Carly and I got to the airport to then encounter some ticketing problems that won’t see us fly out until tomorrow morning (wish we could go out again but a night in with a good sleep is muchly needed!). Besides that issue – I have had an unforgettable week here in Montreal, Quebec and a massive thank-you goes to Mr Philippe Clair for taking me in this week. He has given up his time to look after us girls, drive us back/forth (and I know how much he dislikes driving!), taken us to delicious dining and he even did my washing!! You’re one of the most humblest person I know with great advice, thanks Dr Phil! 


Last breakfast all together 🙂


Team Philippe!

Au Revoir for now!

Made the Cut

Yesterday morning, Philippe took the girls and I to a breakfast restaurant so we could “enjoy an eggsperience” before a late afternoon tee off. I started off with a freshly made peach, blueberry and strawberry juice followed by a vegetable omelette with toast and their supposedly ‘hash browns’ (pretty much like french fries – eiik not the best in the morning). We then chilled at home and watched TV, trying to kill some time hoping that it’ll pass by fast for the free lunch at the golf club! The kitchen definitely redeemed themselves after the dinner the night before! It was a smart and efficient idea where each golfer got to choose whatever fillings and vegetables they would like to mix with a choice of 3 different sauces to top a plate of pasta. YUM YUM YUM it was absolutely filling and gave me lots of energy for the afternoon.


Made a pitt stop to the bakery before breakie.. ommmg the smell of fresh patisseries. 

IMG_7863 IMG_7865


The yummy Eggsquis!


Redeemable lunch – my pre round carbed (superly) meal!


Own name at the range again? Loving life!

I really thought pasta was the secret as I was bombing drives down the fairway and striping the ball well. I started off the front 9  hitting 7 greens for a +2 (silly silly silly  2 bogeys!) to then finish weak on the back nine (think the steam ran out mentally and physically) to finish with a total of 77 (+6). It was about 715 by the time I finished and we left quickly to have dinner at a local steak house Rouge Boeuf. Again the menu was in French and I was mind gobbled so I had to rely on heavy translation of course! Their freshly baked sourdough bread rolls with whipped butter was an amazing start to a filling salmon salad.


Read it for me?


The healthiest option I have ever ordered yet!

Today’s earlier tee time was pleasant but the weather felt like Sydney’s winter. The temperature was ranging between 12-19 degrees and I really wished I had worn my pants or ad least had rain gear in my bag. Oh well I sucked up the cold wind and played through my round. I finished with a +1 after a solid day to striking. A couple three putts let me down but I made some clutch short putts so hopefully tomorrow I will have my putting sorted and they will all drop! The course played abit shorter today with tees being put forward but it still was a challenge for all, especially with the wind picking up.

I took the afternoon off at the mall and of course did some shopping! All the girls bought a pair of heels (down town Montreal we are coming for you at the end of this week!) for a bargain price that couldn’t be passed on. We then had dinner at this Italian restaurant that cooked the best wood fire pizza! I devoured in an Arancini ball and a fresh spicy chicken thin crusted pizza. I am so stuffed and full right now – omg.

IMG_7872 IMG_7873

Wow – enough said. 

I am currently sitting at T26th (+7) and hopefully it’ll continue to improve over the next 2 days!

Off to get my beauty sleep in my beauty bed. 

Just Keep Smiling 😀